How We Do It

We take a comprehensive approach to law firm web marketing. We know that our clients measure us by our ability to generate new clients, from whatever source.

Whether it’s increasing your firm’s search engine visibility, or identifying effective online advertising opportunities, our services are built around executing solutions that are proven to work.

We can build you a custom plan based on your needs, goals, and budget.  We have the knowledge, skill, and experience to produce actual results.

The Process

Initial Research phase:

We identify your Internet marketing needs, goals, and budget. We help you define the practice areas and geographic regions that make up your law firm’s target audience/audiences.

Existing Web Presence Analysis:

We analyze your existing web presence. This gives us insight into which strategies need to be assigned top priority.

Competitive Analysis:

We provide you with a competitive analysis of between 5 and 10 of your competitors’ websites. This analysis includes each competitor’s entire web presence including search engine visibility, back link profile, social media activity, and online advertising investments.

Keyword Targeting:

We provide you with keyword targets. These keyword targets are based on a combination of search volume and competition. We set short term, intermediate, and long term keyword target goals.

Website Development:

We can work with your existing website and/or blog or we can build you a new one. We handle all the technical aspects of getting your site live.

On-Page Optimizations:

We optimize each web page for your initial keyword targets.

Link Building:

We identify link targets and execute various link building campaigns. These campaigns are customized for your law firm and take into account your goals. Our client has full access to all our strategies and can accept or reject any strategy that we propose.

Opportunity Assessment:

Based on our knowledge and experience, we are able to offer suggestions for Internet advertising opportunities that are most likely to generate a positive return on investment. None of these opportunities is obligatory. You can accept or reject our advice.


Each month, we provide detailed reporting with regard to website traffic, web events (including form fills, information requests, phone calls, and various other “inquiries”), back link reports, and search engine visibility. We also refine our strategy each month by analyzing and updating keyword targets, tracking competitor strategy, and analyze the effectiveness of any advertising opportunity in which you are involved.


While SEO is core to our services, we don’t rely solely on search marketing strategy. Generally speaking, our clients don’t care whether their new clients come from Google, a directory listing, an advertisement, or another platform. They measure our efforts by whether they are seeing increases in business to their firm.

We are accountable to you to prove increased web visibility, potential client inquiries, and ultimately new business.

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